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Comes with clear plastic straw and bamboo lid.

Amber Glass Straw and Decorative drink-ware accessories sold separately and can be purchased under "drink-ware accessories"



Item is handmade and can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to finish. Please only order if you are willing to wait. There are no exchanges, no refunds, and no cancellations once order has been placed.


Although I try my best to match exact design patterns or color, item may appear different once received due to different monitor or device contrast.


15oz glass tumbler filled with glitter. Glass tumblers come with a bamboo lid and straw.


No extreme heat (hot or cold)

Not microwave safe

Not intended for hot liquids

Put liquid in BEFORE ice

Glitter will settle (just shake it up to suspense)

Do NOT leave in the car or outside

Hand wash only

Refrain from dropping

Refrain from placing on table top hard

Do not freeze glass tumbler

Evaporation is normal and can occur over time

BTS Jungkook Golden Maknae Snow Globe Glass Tumbler

Only 3 left in stock
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